Durham Economic Resource Center



The Durham Economic Resource Center (DERC) is a not-for-profit organization that provides career courses, simulated work experience, and access to local jobs to residents of Durham, North Carolina who have limited education and job experience, as well as other barriers to employment.  DERC currently operates a distribution center, which provides new nonfood merchandise to local community organizations and families, and allows trainees to gain experience in both warehousing, inventory management and customer service skills. The overarching goal of DERC is to reduce the high unemployment and poverty rates in Durham, NC, a city with a high median income, but large disparities in earnings and employment among its residents.  More specifically, DERC strives to place its graduating trainees with jobs that pay them a livable wage. 

The mission of the Durham Economic Resource Center (DERC) is to provide workforce development skills, job placement and the elimination of employment barriers for our clients through facilitated supportive collaborations.
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