Divine Charities



Divine Charities is a charity organization that will serve low income, homeless, and in any way oppressed clients. Divine Charities will provide a personal touch to donating necessities and training required to this specific category of individuals and families in the greater Raleigh area. It is Divine Charities’ mission to spread a divine love for people when they need it the most. Though others may look the other way, we will provide a personal touch, a helping hand into adverse situations and affect hope into people’s lives by serving the homeless, impoverished, and abused through advocacy, training, and support.

Charity can be described as the love we have for other human beings. Divine Charities extends a special kind of love for those who are often forgotten. It’s easy to love those that are close to us or that we interact with every day or simply donate money when the opportunity presents itself, but a divine love seeks those in need and serve those that may have less or oppressed. We effectively install positivity in the form of hope into their lives.
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