Greater Houston Development



GHDI's mission is to provide affordable housing opportunities and related services as well as community building and improvement activities in underserved northeast Houston neighborhoods. These activities include: * New home construction and rehabilitation of existing homes - completed over 400 homes, * Neighborhood facility improvements -over 31,200 sq.ft., * Served 1,000+ disaster affected families ? Tropical Storm Allison, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike, * Provided homebuyer/homeowner education and training sessions to over 3,000 participants, * Helped create and/or sustain more than 15,000 jobs for low to low-moderate income persons in construction and related trades, and made physical improvements in at least 16 underserved neighborhoods. We have a special commitment to serving the elderly, disabled, and families with children by helping increase their numbers living in safe, secure, and decent homes.
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