Trees For Houston



Trees For Houston is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to planting, protecting and promoting trees. Since our beginning in 1983, Trees For Houston has planted and distributed over 460,000 trees and seedlings. At the end of the 2012-2013 planting season, over 35,000 trees were planted along Houston?s residential and commercial streets, in parks, along bayous and trails and on school campuses. Over the years our organizational purpose has expanded from simply getting trees in the ground to planting, protecting and promoting trees that will improve our regional air quality, reduce the urban heat island effect associated with ever increasing urbanization, slow storm water runoff, and mitigate the stress of our daily lives, while continuing to beautify our major thoroughfares. Our purpose also includes bringing individuals into close, personal contact with urban forestry, through volunteer projects, elementary and adult education programs, community presentations, and the creation of tribute groves that allow a person to honor or memorialize someone who has been important in their life. These programs are implemented with the help of corporate volunteers, civic associations, college students, young professionals, and all others who want to leave a legacy for future generations. Once the trees are planted, we ensure they have a strong start by watering them for two years, and then work with the businesses, property owners and public sector organizations on policies and practices to not only protect the trees we have, but to continually replenish our urban forest.
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