Mosquito Hill Nature Center



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Mosquito Hill Nature Center offers wonderful volunteer and internship opportunities to enhance your career skills and enjoy the outdoors! We welcome people interested in working with children through nature education. Volunteer Naturalists guide school groups around the trails and interpretive building. What a great chance to share your love of the outdoors, and gain valuable experience for careers in education as well.
Our property offers plenty of options for those interested in learning more and sharing your knowledge and abilities to maintain the native landscape, protecting native plants through removal of invasive species, and offering the public a beautiful place to find solitude and recreation.
Citizen Based Monitoring projects are also planned or in progress to record data for research surrounding bats, monarch butterflies, bluebirds, frogs and toads, and other native species. This provides the volunteers with experience and the researchers with valuable data about our natural world.
Some internship opportunities are also available, or can be created in a variety of areas from environmental education to marketing and fundraising. Please contact us to learn more!