Mentoring Matters-Hayes Taylor YMCA Achievers



The Achievers is a mentoring program open to all 8th through 12th grade students. This program prepares teens for post secondary education, develops leadership skills, provides exposure to various career options, internship and service opportunities, and increases self-awareness and expands character. Mentors will provide teens with direction and guidance with a focus on leadership, college, and career exploration. Mentors should also model self-confidence, motivation, and the character to succeed professionally and personally.

The YMCA Achievers program is unlike other teen programs.  It is not a teen club or social group geared towards community service.  It is a strategic initiative "designed to help teens of color and other under-served communities set and pursue high educational and career goals resulting in graduation and acceptance into an institution of higher learning".  With the addition of  Guilford County's Say Yes to Education initiative, the YMCA Achievers Program will work to:
2 People | 1 Impact | 3 Hours