Crossed Paws Animal Haven



Crossed Paws Animal Haven is a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization.  Our organization began with the belief that animals should not just be placed in a home, rather, a thorough process must be performed to ensure that the best human/animal fit is made.  We believe that the community we live in should be educated about adopting versus buying an animal, but not made to feel like they have done something bad.

We rescue animals from local shelters to reduce the number of euthanized animals each year and from dangerous/ situations and place them in foster homes until we can find them their forever homes.  We review all applications for an animal under our care and those that we feel have the best fit with the animal go through an interview process including vet checks, home visits, and phone interviews to ensure the animal is going to the right home.  Once the animal is placed, we don't stop like other rescues.  If an animal is lost, we'll help the adopted family find it.  If an adopter has questions, we'll answer them regardless of how long it's been since they adopted one our rescues.  In addition, we educate our adopters and the community on the importance of a balanced natural/organic diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with their furry friends.  While under our care, all animals receive high quality food that includes specified proteins, little to no carbohydrates/grains, and resembles their natural diet if the animal was still in the wild.
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