Cornerstone Ranch



Cornerstone Ranch is a residential home and day program for adults with special needs. Cornerstone is located on 42 acres just outside of McKinney, TX and provides education, service opportunities, work enterprises, and life-skill training in a friendly and loving environment. Volunteers with Cornerstone help residents and day programmers in their daily activities, work on group projects to make Cornerstone more beautiful, or participate as guests at our resident-hosted events.

Cornerstone Ranch desires to enable adults with special needs to live an abundant life through community involvement, a full and active life, and a family-centric environment. Cornerstone began in 2002 when founders, David and Cynthia Heaton, opened their home to several special needs adults who had just finished high school. The Heatons realized that these special people, because of their limitations, were missing out on the abundant life they were created for. In 2006, Cornerstone Ranch opened on the McKinney property and has become home to six wonderful residents. Since 2006, Cornerstone has begun a day program for additional adults with special needs, a work enterprise program, and continues to provide abundant life to its residents.
2 People | 1 Impact | 8 Hours | 204 Total Economic Impact