Old Dominion University Track and Field Club



As a running club, we encourage students at Old Dominion University to get active and strive to improve the health and physical fitness among our membership while setting a good example of health and  fitness to the general public.  We hope to be able to convince others that staying fit by running is a good routine and that running could be a way of life for runners of all abilities and pace.  Everyone's goals don’t always have to be insurmountable obstacles but should be obtainable and reachable plateaus, while learning to run within ourselves.  The competitive spirit in all of us doesn’t have to rein supreme, just the joy of the run and the sharing of fellowship with other runners is reward enough. 

Our goal is to help each individual become the best runners that we can and to fulfill our potential as athletes - whether that is to run your first race, run a PR, a marathon, etc. - our team spirit, helpful coaches and training plans will help you achieve and exceed your goals. 

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