Nutrition Hog Piranda Philanthropy



The owners of Nutrition Hog, Dean and Cherry Martinez lived in Southeast Asia for 2 years and partnered with Anti-trafficking organizations, in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Nutrition Hog has partnered with Piranda, which means "gypsy girl." This organization in Romania provides work, education and spiritual growth for the Roma Gypsy community. Piranda works primarily with gypsy girls. Roma Gypsy girls are the most trafficked women into the sex work industry of Europe. Nutrition Hog and Pure Nutrition Bentonville believe in empowering women and providing dignified work for the marginalized. Dean and Cherry Martinez hope to place a Smoothie bar in Romania and offer training and work for these women. Please partner by either shopping at or visiting Nutrition Hog Percentage days which will provide funds for education with Piranda. 

5 People | 3 Impacts | 2 Hours | 41 Total Economic Impact