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Levitt Shell

Welcome to the Levitt Shell group.


Levitt Shell is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts over 50 free concerts every year with the mission of community building in the city of Memphis. Every night we host a concert or event, we strive to create a place where everyone feels welcome and included.Our organization is committed to finding common ground in a diverse audience as they enjoy nights of free, quality music at the Shell. Every production is made possible by teams of volunteers, production crew and staff. Whether listening to blues or classical music, the Levitt Shell provides an opportunity for people to engage with the music and one another. 
Please sign up and join our group then fill out our volunteer information form here:
Levitt Shell Volunteer Information Form
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We hope to be holding meetings monthly.
Hi Nancy,
I'm excited to once again volunteer with the Levitt Shell. It looks like I will miss the orientation meeting because I league bowl on Tuesday nights.