Automation Workz 4 U



Economies are circular. Highly skilled workers attract high incomes, which attract retailers and manufacturers to sell their goods and services to these highly skilled workers, which creates more jobs. While there are plethora of technology jobs within the City of Detroit, there are few residents who have acquired the credentials for these technology jobs, hence those residents have been left behind in poverty.


Uplift, Inc. has created an OPEN IT SCHOOL   where Detroit  residents can attend FREE anytime, anywhere  IT classes on their smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Those needing assistance with their assignments and exams can drop into experiential learning labs at 7 Detroit Public Library locations during designated weeks.  Our first class, Intro to IoT (Internet of Things), is set to begin the IT credential process is launches 12/27/2017.


Residents will be able to attend this class as well as others to prepare them to pass the CompTIA A+, C+, C++, Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. This OPEN IT SCHOOL format provides residents who are time challenged with maximum flexibility to secure certification that leads to high paying IT jobs and hence  their move out of poverty.




Assist them acquire a job in the IT industry by providing  understanding of the Internet of Things and why IT certification is necessary.

IT Registrars to assist residents at Detroit Public Library branches with online registration, dissemination of study tips to complete class successfully and to connect with students throughout the class to motivate their completion.

IT Mentors to assist residents at Detroit Public Library branches to complete online simulations and labs. They may also demonstrate labs with physical equipment.