Kijani Now Monthly Trash PickUp



Based in Dallas, Texas, our mission is to impact our planet in a environmentally friendly way by reducing the amount of trash flowing into the ocean and contaminating wildlife habitats. Every item sold on our site funds the removal of one pound of trash in and around waterways, parks, and other sensitive natural areas. Every item on our site has been meticulously selected and meets our rigorous, environmentally friendly standards. We want to introduce everyone to innovative eco-friendly alternatives for products they use everyday. Not only are we committed to reducing the amount of trash in our environment but we also want to help endangered species all across the world. Every season we launch a new t-shirt campaign that helps endangered species in need. We give 20% of all apparel proceeds to charities working in the field actively saving endangered animals. The word Kijani, means green or leaf in Swahili. It is the inspiration behind our brand and we hope that you will join us on our journey to a greener planet. Take your first step with us, you won’t regret it! Lets create an environmentally friendly planet together.
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