Andrew Goldsmith's Campaign



The goal is to get more volunteers to help with his campaign and get him elected.

We need Volunteers to do the following:
* Block Walking
* Data entry
* Phone Banking
* Outreach/Recruiting
* Marketing: Photography / Videography

Information about what Andrew Goldsmith wants to accomplish:

Even though many of you may never visit the Justice of the Peace court, Andrew Goldsmith is running to support all the people residing and doing business in Precinct 5. He will ensure that all experiences within the Justice of the Peace court will be helpful, courteous, and informative. Goldsmith wants to be Justice of the Peace because he believes in investing in struggling students, strong families are our community’s greatest assets, and believes in servant leadership that is deeply caring and patient. With your support and vote, we will continue to build a stronger community together.

Andrew Goldsmith will introduce and implement new procedures:

(a) Night Courts, for working people in the community. Community members with business to take care of should not have to miss work.

(b) Resource Clearinghouse, for community members in need of information for case management and social assistance by a social worker.

(c) As Justice of the Peace I will perform weddings at no charge. Instead of paying me a fee, I recommend newlyweds make a donation towards local nonprofits such as the Genesis Shelter for victims of domestic violence, Dallas CASA, Union Gospel Mission, S.P.C.A. and Resource Center. What a better way to start off a nurturing relationship than by donating to your favorite local charity? This will provide tens of thousands of dollars in critically needed resources to local grassroots community based organizations that do important work.
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