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To help schools improve early grade student reading profciency, Innovations For Learning blends the power of technology, teacher coaching, and tutoring. Our three "T"s. We operate two core programs: TutorMate and TeacherMate.

Our one-to-one online tutoring program, TutorMate, draws from the corporate world to pair volunteer tutors at the workplace with at-risk students in the classroom, via computer, telephone, and a shared screen. This allows students to improve their skills by reading stories out loud, and with the immediate support of their online tutors. Tutors are located many miles away while tutoring, in their own offices. Tutors spend 30 minutes a week with their assigned students, and are part of a team of like minded colleagues from their employer. Short video:

With TeacherMate, at-risk K-2 students, work on computer-aided lessons, using reading software developed by Innovations For Learning, and deployed to handheld devices. Teachers receive regular, detailed reports of the children's progress -- and weaknesses -- as the lessons proceed. They can fine-tune their teaching accordingly and define tailored lessons for each student ("differentiated instruction"). To ensure that the system works to the maximum benefit for students, we provide teachers with in-classroom coaching services. Short video:

All of these strategies, working together, have produced dramatic results in student scores for our partner districts.

Districts include public schools in Broward County, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Duval County, Miami-Dade County, NYC, Oakland, Seattle, etc.

Companies and agencies whose employees tutor include AT&T, Boeing, Microsoft, General Motors, Intel, Nielsen, Morningstar, Chase Bank, Bank of America, Bloomberg, Starbucks, Weyerhaeuser, Accenture, DLA Piper, CVS Caremark, Booz Allen Hamilton, United Airlines, Comerica Bank, US Coast Guard, VA Medical Center, etc.

Mission: Innovatons For Learning is a nationally focused nonprofit that has been dedicated since 1993 to improving early grade student literacy and fighting long term urban poverty in the process. IFLs strategy is to connect the power of technology, teaching, and tutoring. We provide schools with a technology-based system for differentiated instruction and blended learning, called TeacherMate. We also provide an online volunteer tutoring program, called TutorMate, designed to reinforce reading skills and proficiency.
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