Living Roof



Nature and Purpose of Agency
Living Roof allows for over 7,000 sqft of the rooftop space to be used for the production of edibles. Through working with local non-profit organizations, this food will make its way from the Staten Island Ferry rooftop to the tables of the hungry. The remaining vegetative area will be planted with sedums and grasses to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the green roof while edibles are grown and harvested. In addition to the community benefits, given the high foot traffic in the area, the Living Roof will act as a showcase for urban rooftop agriculture. Students will assist in the planting cultivating and harvesting of produce, will be educated on health issues on Staten Island and why these fresh food impact individuals health.

Time Requirements
Saturday Mornings – 10AM-1PM

Student Awareness/Special Instructions
Students must be able to commit to serve for an entire shift at the roof top.

Agency Directions
The Living Roof garden is located just across from the River Dock Cafe terrace at the St. George Ferry Terminal Take the Ferry Shuttle from St John's to the Ferry and walk to the Living Roof Garden.
8 People | 6 Impacts | 21 Hours