SA Hope Center



To love people well by empowering them to meet their needs through in-depth case management and wrap-around social services. 

SA Hope Center offers one-on-one mentoring services in a Christ-centered environment. Our mentors are professional case managers who work with families on a deep level to address the root causes of chronic poverty and food insecurity using evidence-based case management practices and motivational interviewing techniques. SA Hope Center staff mentors help families create a goal-based plan to make positive steps towards financial sustainability, strengthening the family unit, spiritual health, and overall wellness. By focusing on the unique strengths of each client we serve, we empower our clients to take ownership of their lives and continue to take positive steps towards achieving their goals. SA Hope Center offers the following programs: professional mentoring, pastoral and clinical counseling, parenting classes, financial literacy, job readiness programs, career fairs, youth and adult bible studies, marriage classes, and many other programs aimed at helping families get ahead in their lives. In addition, we provide nutritional and clothing assistance. 
61 People | 23 Impacts | 82 Hours | 2,237 Total Economic Impact