Aerial Dance Chicago N.F.P.



Aerial Dance Chicago is a nonprofit dance company dedicated to creation, performance, and instruction in the field of aerial dance.

A leader in the field

The art of aerial dance makes use of a variety of rigging techniques to access the creative and physical possibilities of vertical dance space. Aerial Dance Chicago has become a leader in the field and an integral part of the international movement toward the development of this art form.

A vision to fly

Under the Artistic Direction of dancer/choreographer and National Champion Acrobat Chloe Jensen, Aerial Dance Chicago has a vision of taking dancers into flight. Incorporating a variety of apparatus such as suspended fabrics, bungee cords, hoops, swings and ropes, company artists delve into the expressive potential of a multi-dimensional dance floor and transcend assumed limits of dance.

The company inspires everyday people to challenge their own assumed limits to reveal undiscovered potential. Through highly original and physical programming, the company reawakens humanity's craving for live, kinetic and creative experiences and contributes to the health and empowerment of the community.

Aerial Dance Chicago distinguishes itself by blending inventive aerial choreography with an original contemporary style on the traditional dance floor, as well as retaining a strong dance aesthetic in its airborne choreography.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Aerial Dance Chicago has "justified its commitment to broadening the scope of dance and demonstrating that aerial work can achieve the beauty and poetry of genuine art."

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