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Welcome to MB Connects!


Welcome to MB Connects!

The MB Alumni Association (MBAA) is pleased to announce the launch of
MB Connects! This unique program is designed to connect the passions and experiences of our incredible alumni with real needs of the school - in the classroom, on the field, in the theater, and around the country and in service of students, teachers, staff, and fellow alumni. MB Connects allows alumni to engage with the school community on their terms, in ways that are personally meaningful. Given our values as a Friends school, we believe that each of us is unique and has something of value to offer. So it's time to share your passions and let your light shine. 

Are you an engineer or builder who can help students understand how to design the strongest bridge? Are you willing to share your passion for literacy with children by reading to a lower school class? Are you ready to get back on the field, court, ice or track to help coach an MB team? Are you a history buff who would chaperone a field trip to Boston, where students design a tour that tells the history of the American Revolution? Or, are you willing to serve fellow alumni by hosting an event or becoming a class agent? Whatever you have to give, we hope you will share your passions with our community through MB Connects. And, with technology, you can connect with MB from anywhere, so don't let distance stop you from connecting.

Thanks in advance for sharing your passions and letting your light shine! 

Happy connecting,

George T. Panichas '83, MB Connects Working Group Clerk

Neil S. Beranbaum '86, MBAA Board Clerk  

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