Bootstraps Mentoring Foundation



The mission of Bootstraps Mentoring Foundation is to mobilize faith-based mentoring to assist students in the development of academic and social skills, to develop a parental support structure that will encourage students in preparation for at least two years of college, and to create a community of authentic love based relationships to aid in the learning process in the elementary, middle, secondary and other schools in the jurisdiction of Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 of Orangeburg County, South Carolina. Bootstraps will facilitate and promote the continued alliance and dialogue between the community and the school district, including the collaboration of Bootstraps with the faith-based community engaged in activities which reflect Bootstraps vision and mission.  Bootstraps will not serve to supplant the regular operating budget of Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five.
83 People | 98 Impacts | 202 Hours | 2,427 Total Economic Impact

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