Breakthrough Central Texas



Our Mission Breakthrough builds a path through college, beginning in middle school, for students from low-income communities who will become the first in their families to earn a college degree. Our program combines individualized, long-term case management with extended learning time for students who statistics say will not enroll in or graduate from college without significant support. We believe that by providing innovative educational programs to children and their families, we can have a multi-generational impact – replacing the cycle of poverty with self-sufficiency. Our Vision We believe that all Central Texas children from low-income communities should have the opportunity to go to college. Unfortunately, statistics say this won’t happen without significant intervention. In fact, less than 6% of Central Texas middle school students from low-income communities are finishing college, and only 12% of low-income high school graduates. To combat this trend, Breakthrough makes a 12-year commitment to successfully guide each of its students and families through the long and complicated process of preparing for, enrolling in and completing college.
108 People | 13 Impacts | 500 Hours | 11,275 Total Economic Impact

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