Rickenbacker Woods Foundation



Rickenbacker-Woods' mission is "Inspiring young people to explore and honor the contributions of Eddie Rickenbacker and Granville T. Woods through the vehicle of science and technology; while on the road to self awareness, innovative problem-solving, competence and societal progress through inclusion and mentorship." Our goal is to unlock the creative energies of area young people that they might know who they are, and the potential that they possess right now. The boyhood home of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, Columbus' own World War I flying ace is one of three national historic landmarks located in the capital city. Granville T. Woods, the inventor of the "electrified 3rd rail" and "electrical couplings" inventions that are still in use today, used to deliver electricity to subway cars, high speed trains, and street trains, was born here in Columbus, Ohio. He was known as the "Black Thomas Edison". Edison who incidentally purchased several patents from Woods. Both of these men through their own personal initiative and perseverance fought against great odds to become successful. They were keenly aware of the greatness they possessed inside. It is our hope that we can assist area youth in discovering this same greatness they possess.
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