The Talking Farm



Local agricultural programs are thriving in many cities all over the country--indeed, all over the world--because they improve the health of the environment as well as the physical and mental health of the community's citizens.

These programs also help teach young people about nutrition and health, while encouraging self-reliance and civic participation that can reduce crime and enhance city life.

Help us join cities all over the country that recognize the benefits of urban agriculture!

Know Where Your Food Comes FromCelebrate Earth's Bounty with the Freshest, LOCAL and Organic IngredientsSupport a Sustainable Local Economy and Healthy Food SystemNurture Strong Community ConnectionsCreate a Healthy, Safe and 'Green' CommunityHelp Shape our Community's Food and Environmental Future.

Being part of a regional food system that produces only 3% of local food needs, we are dependent on food that travels an average of 1500 miles and that, in many cases, can no longer be called "fresh." In many communities, urban agriculture is viewed as a method of addressing multiple food issues, including food safety (pesticides, antibiotics, irradiation, and genetically modified foods), food security (emergency supplies), and food sovereignty (health, nutrition, distance, and fossil fuel used in food production, processing, transport and refrigeration).

The purpose of our Howard Street Farm is to provide local, fresh food and educational opportunities for all of our community. Distribution of our produce may take place at farmers markets, farm stands, or direct to organizations such as local schools, restaurants, or food pantries.


Mission: The Talking Farm cultivates healthy, sustainable communities by supporting the production and appreciation of locally grown food.
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