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Jobs For Youth is a free workforce training and job placement program for teens and young adults ages 17 to 24.

Since its founding in 1979, JFY has helped more than 13,000 young people between the ages of 17-24 and made more than 21,000 job placements.

All of JFY's program activities take place at its offices in Chicago's downtown Loop business district, located at 17 North State Street, Sixth Floor. The young people in our program come from neighborhoods throughout the City of Chicago and adjacent lower- income suburbs. JFY currently serves more than 1,200 youths annually, and makes over 1,000 job placements with up to 400 employers in a wide variety of fields ranging from health care to retail, hospitality, financial services, security, small businesses, corporate offices, and much more.

Mission: The mission of Jobs For Youth (JFY) is to help young men and women from low-income families become a part of the economic mainstream; and, in the process, to provide the business community with motivated, job-ready workers. JFY's core program includes pre- employment training, job placement, GED instruction, and supportive services.
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