Tree House Humane Society



Tree House provides a safe haven for feral, stray, abused and neglected, and/or critically injured felines. We heal those that are sick, and provide a home for all our cats until they are ready to be adopted. No animal is ever euthanized (put to sleep) by Tree House for convenience sake, but only when in a Veterinarian's professional opinion it is in a state of terminal suffering. All of our cats are spayed/neutered before they are adopted and we adopt out about 50 cats every month. All adopters must fill out an application and go through an interview. If they are approved, our adoption counselors take the people through the shelter and help them find the perfect cat that will match their needs and vice versa. As many of our cats are strays or have been mistreated during their life, some of them are quite shy and considered "unadoptable" by other shelters. We have a special Socialization Program, where our staff works with these felines to build a trust of humans, offering a secure environment until they are ready to be adopted with our other cats. Tree House also strongly believes in involving the community in our humane efforts. In addition to our Adoption Center and Socialization Program, we also have a Pet Food Pantry for low-income pet owners, a Animal-assisted Therapy Program where our volunteers visit senior citizens homes with our animals, Youth Volunteer Outreach, and a strong focus on Humane Education.

Mission: Tree House committed to developing and implementing model programs in animal welfare, public education, and the mutually-enriching human/animal bond, as well as to providing the highest quality of service and compassion to the abused, neglected and abandoned animals that are entrusted to our care. We dedicate ourselves to being a premiere humane agency in the United States, by pursuing excellence and innovation in animal welfare and social services.
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