The Mirror Project



The Mirror Project is designed to give adolescents, teens and adults an opportunity to increase their knowledge as it relates to empowerment of self, positive parent/child relationships and peer support. Through coaching and mentoring, adolescents, teens and adult women will be able to prepare themselves for a more powerful and centered future. Adolescents, teens and adults will feel more confident, and will be offered a variety of resources for support through our organization.

The Mirror Project is being established to provide mentoring for at risk adolescents and teens, pregnant and parenting teens and adults in the North Lawndale Community. The program will create partnerships with the Chicago Public Schools in North Lawndale, community based organizations, community health clinics and the juvenile court system

Mission: The Mirror Project seeks to celebrate the lives of adolescents, teens and adults through mentoring and coaching, and by presenting to them opportunities to ensure that their tomorrow is more powerful, healthy and centered than today.
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