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There are 143 Million Orphans in the World whose lives can change through the power of books. We establish libraries within the orphanages and children's homes and provide the space, support, and other services to ensure the books are being read and the libraries become an active vibrant part of the children's lives. In certain cases, children from the local community are invited to participate. Bookwallah has three core programs which we believe will yield tremendous impact.

Bookwallah Book Program: We provide children's books in English and local languages. The books donated in English and local languages are organized in existing bookshelves and reading spaces. This is the Bookwallah Organization's core program.

Bookwallah Reading Rug Program: We create child-friendly, comfortable reading areas for the children within the orphanages, if there is a need or a desire. The relationship between physical space, continued interest in reading and use of imagination are highly correlated.

Bookwallah Reading Services: We provide reading sessions to engage the children in fun reading activities and to help evaluate progress.

The Bookwallah Organization vision is to provide these programs worldwide, specifically in the poorer and developing countries where access to resources are limited or not affordable.

Mission: Bookwallah's vision is to transform lives of children who have undergone hardship by sharing the gift of imagination. Our mission is to collect and distribute storybooks, set up libraries and reading areas, and spread the joy of reading to children who live in orphanage throughout the world.
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