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The Love, Unity and Values Institute (The LUV Institute)is rapidly becoming a leader in workforce mobilization for young adults, ages 16 to 21, which have significant barriers to employment and career development. Its programs actively work to reduce poverty by helping these young adults survive emancipation while preparing them for economic self-sufficiency andcareer success. As part of a national movement that provides self-develop care to youth victims of poverty, The LUV Institute distinguishes itself by also providing social and emotional competence to adolescence and young adults who have behavioral and anger management problems in foster care, state funded group homes and juvenile justice.

In addition to career development, The LUV Institute offers services in four areas: emotional empowerment workshops to help pre-teens and young adults manage lifes breakdowns; support and guidancecounseling to youth seeking to attend college; job skills preparation, as wellas assembling and distribution of entry level jobs; and business education programs to promote entrepreneurship.

In fiscal year 2012, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services placed 250 young adults in its flag ship program the Journey to my Better Self Career Empowerment Series. In addition, The LUVInstitute created a partnership with various corporations and small businesses to provide entry level jobs to the participants and pair them with mentors to help them reach their full potential.

Mission: The LUV Institute actively works to reduce poverty by prepare young adults for economic self sufficiency and career success.
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