CASA of Passaic County



Every year more than half a million abused and neglected children are in need of safe, permanent, nurturing homes. TRight now in Passaic County, there are over 500 children in out of home foster care.

That's where CASA steps in. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) was created in 1977 to make sure the abuse and neglect these children originally suffered at home doesn't continue as abuse and neglect at the hands of the system. As trained advocates, CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to be a voice for these children in court. The result is that a child has an individual advocate to speak for them in court.

It is the CASA vision to provide a volunteer for each and every abused and neglected child who needs one.

Mission: Passaic County Court Appointed Special Advocates (PC CASA) is an independent, non-profit organization which promotes and supports professionally trained court-appointed volunteer advocates for children in out-of-home-placement. CASA volunteers serve as a child's "Voice in Court" and are committed to ensuring that needed services and assistance are made available to children in out-of-home placements, while at the same time helping move these children toward safe, nurturing, and permanent homes.
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