Refugee & Immigrant Fund (RIF)



The Refugee and Immigrant Fund (RIF) was established in 2007 to provide a safe space and opportunities for refugees to rebuild their lives and start afresh in the US.

Since its inception, RIF has served over 600 refugees through legal and psychosocial assistance. Servicesprovided include: orientation sessions, legal consultations, and referrals to pro-bono attorneys and medical specialists.

In 2011, RIF launched the Urban Farm Recovery Project as an additional therapeutic tool to help refugees recover from trauma.

Managed by RIF, and implemented in collaboration with the Brooklyn Grange, the Urban Farm Recovery project is based across two of the worlds largest rooftop farms, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Brooklyn) and Long Island City (Queens).

Mission: Our mission is to advance newcomers integration through job training and psychosocial support usingurban agriculture platforms.
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