National Biodiversity Parks, Inc.



National Biodiversity Parks (NBP) searches for, and acquires, ecologically valuable properties that can support sustainable, communtiy based business models. We enter negotiations and raise funds to purchase these lands via partnerships and management agreements. NBP applies for and obtaines grants to restore or improve properties for wildlife conservation and sustainability.

We perform various studies of birds, reptiles, insects and plants on various lands. Our scientists, naturalists and members lead field trips to biodiverse habitats. NBP sponsors and leads adults and students on bird walks to improve their skills and expose them to nature in order to develop an environmental ethic.

We participate in various conservation fundraisers such as bioblitzes, big days and the World Series of Birding. Our members write articles about various subjects.

Our education and science department lead various field trips concentrating on ecology and incentive programs, designed by teachers and volunteers. The programs are intended to improve students science skills and confidence through discovery, field birding and ecology.

We assist communities in identifying valuable open space assets.

Mission: Conserve and protect open space, wildlands and the plants and animals on these lands. Provide the public, especially our youth, conservation lands for recreation, study and research.
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