The Cure Is Now



The Cure Is Now subscribes to the following corevalues: innovation, synergy and discovery. We are leading an international collaboration of scientists researching emerging advanced technologies to find cures for what are currently incurable diseases. As a catalyst, The Cure Is Now is bringing together the greatest minds in the world in creative and singular ways. This research will bring about breakthrough medical treatments for patients everywhere.

The Cure Is Now envisions the discovery of cures for thus far incurable diseases, by establishing a world-class research facility with dedicated scientists that are leaders in their respective fields. Through the application of emerging advanced technologies, The Cure Is Now facilitates breakthrough medical discoveries that will give us the cures.

We need the cures. The time is now. The Cure Is Now.

Mission: The Cure Is Now is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating acquired, congenital, and developmental diseases. Our cornerstone philosophy is to use a convergence of emerging technologies to combat diseases at the root level. Operational programs include: awareness campaigns, education initiatives, and scientific research. The objective is to eradicate disease as a major health problem by managing programs designed to further scientific development. We need the cures. The time is now. The Cure Is Now.
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