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Germantown Community Library provides a variety of volunteer opportunities that not only serve the community of Germantown and the surrounding areas but also opportunities to give back to the community in unique ways that support literacy and lifelong learning. You will find many "events" you can register for as a volunteer for the library, the newest of which are:

     *Disappearing Codex Detective - search for books that are "missing" in our system in the library
     *Hardcover Harmonizer - re-shelve books as they are returned to the library
     *Shape-Up the Shelves - "shelf-read" and other tasks to keep our shelves organized and neat
     *All-Star Media Mogul - keep our movies, CDs, magazines, and newspapers organized
     *Roll-Out the Red Carpet - be the greeter and general information person for the library

More detailed descriptions of all these volunteer opportunities follow. All of the descriptions for the above "events" are divided into days and times of the week. (Monday Afternoon, Wednesday Evening, etc.) You can register for any of the above "events" based on a day and time of the week that best suits your schedule, but don't feel tied into that day and time completely. We are flexible!! And feel free to register for more than one event!

This opportunity is for those 18 years of age and older. If you are 14-18, please see Daniel Page at the library to apply.
You do not have to be a Germantown resident or a library card holder to volunteer.
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