Building Community Bridges, Inc.



We are founded upon the principle that dignity is a natural and elevating characteristic of human life. The innate human instinct is not only to survive but also to experience happiness, peace and the opportunity to improve ones condition in life.

By strategically connecting rural populations with international communities, Building Community Bridges, Inc. (BCB) becomes the "bridge" that connects this underprivileged demographic with technological resources. By creating grassroots strategies with our constituents to proactively address their own issues, we help to restore dignity and pride to these indigenous cultures that translates into empowered communities.

In order to improve the quality of life in rural West African villages, by fostering and leveraging indigenous knowledge based innovation and technology towards eradicating poverty, BCB plans to:

Institute programs using social structures that can create "human bridges" thereby connecting village to village, rural to urban and isolated communities with industrialized nations.Assist our constituents to locate much-needed resources that will address their basic and domestic needs, including clean water, education and medical care.Galvanize and mobilize our constituents through incentive programs designed to compel them to engage in grassroots organization of their village and rural population.

Mission: Our mission is to elevate the quality of life in underserved rural villages in West Africa by building clean-water pumps, new schools, and medical clinics. We plan to empower rural populations to utilize both indigenous knowledge and modern innovation and technology to effect endogenous change that will enable the villagers to become self-reliant and self-sufficient.
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