Green City Challenge



Green City Challenge is a not for profit organization based in New York City that educates people about ways to live, work and eat green.  We do this with interactive games and challenges that teach New Yorkers about recycling, energy conservation, green building, sustainable agriculture, etc.  Recently, we sponsored an Eco-Carnival at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden in the East Village with several games and challenges, vegetarian food, and live entertainment.

This spring, we are launching the Traveling Green City Challenge Program which brings our interactive games and challenges to Middle and High Schools throughout New York City.

Our interactive games and challenges include the following:

1. Recycle It – Participants have to sort 20 items into the right bins within 3 minutes
2. Go Fish – Participants fish for the answers to questions about seafood and the oceans
3. What’s The Watts? Participants have to rank 8 electrical appliances in the order of how much energy they use
4. Build it Green – Participants have to identify 8 green building materials
5. Green Your Home – Participants have to make the green choices about energy, water, cleaning products and other lifestyle options
6. Environmental Jeopardy – Participants have to respond to environmental clues in the form of a question

We would love to work with you and your students to create new games as well!


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