PowerPlay NYC



Our STARS (Sports Training and Role Models for Success) programs reflect the fundamental principles of PowerPlay:

Girls who participate in sports are more likely to feel better about their bodies and have higher levels of self-esteem than girls who do not play sports. PowerPlay programming focuses on teaching girls fundamental skills in a variety of sports so they become confident in their athletic abilities and enjoy playing. The PowerPlay program setting also provides a safe space for expression and discussion, creating an optimal environment for health, wellness, and life skills learning activities.

STARS Programs:

STARS Series: an after-school sports/healthy living program for girls ages 8-14 which teaches fundamental sports/fitness skills and facilitates learning and discussions about health and wellness topics, utilizing the GoGirlGo curriculum created by the Womens Sports Foundation.SuperSTARS Summer Leadership Academy: an intensive eight-week summer program, which provides opportunities for high school girls to (i) learn and participate in a variety of sports, (ii) develop workplace, leadership, and life skills, (iii) interact with women in a variety of careers, (iv) engage in health and wellness learning, (v) explore the college admissions process, and (vi) participate in STARWorks two-week mini-internships.Rising STARS Summer Program: a six-week summer program providing middle school girls the opportunity to (i) learn and participate in a variety of sports, (ii) develop life skills for success, (iii) engage in health and wellness learning, (iv) explore the high school admissions process, and (v) participate in communications-based group projects.SuperSTARS Symposia: a program that provides monthly programming and events, including college trips, sports and cultural events, mentoring lunches and community service for Leadership Academy participants.GirlPower Days: half or full day events with sports clinics and educational workshops on topics such as nutrition, goal setting and gender equity.Replay: a program to to collect and distribute gently used sporting equipment in order to provide girls with the necessary equipment to succeed in, and enjoy sports.

Mission: PowerPlay NYC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering girls through sports, teaching life skills such as teamwork, leadership, persistence, and tolerance, and fostering self-confidence and self-esteem for life. Our sports and life skills training programs provide girls in low-income, underserved communities the opportunity to
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