Learning Disabilities Association New York City



At LDANYC, we create a climate of hope and optimism built on positive relationships between a caring staff and our clients. We strive to affirm personal worth to achieve meaningful and healthier lifestyles. We are committed to creatively nurturing, supporting and mentoring individuals while offering programs and services that encourage growth and promote dignity.

LDANYC is a relationship-based program, rather than case-managed. We are less about rules and milestones, more about self-direction.

LDANYC focuses on building self-esteem and self-worth. We enable learning challenged older teens, young adults and transitioning adults to succeed, changing their perspective from "cant" to "can" do.

LDANYC helps learning-challenged teens, young adults and transitioning adults to successfully navigate school, jobs and social situations. We provide consulting and tools, personalized to the unique learning style of each of our clients.

LDANYC builds bridges and connections. Through our free information hotline, open houses and outreach events, our website and partnering with government and other not-for-profits, we encourage an ongoing dialog with the greater NYC community.

LDANYC focuses on enabling, empowering and supporting:

We enable individuals with learning challenges to use resources, decision-making options and choose among options.We empower people to become their own advocate in getting their special needs met.We support people as they progress down the path of implementing new approaches to their learning issues.

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