Neighbor to Neighbor Network



Neighbor to Neighbor Network (NTNN) serves as the Volunteer Arm of Bloomfield's Division of Human Services. NTNN collaborates with community groups, faith-based organizations, local citizens, and businesses to provide volunteer services to Bloomfield and Glen Ridge resdents in need. We recruit volunteers willing to share their time and compassion and connect them with Bloomfield residents who need assistance, including homebound senior citizens and families with limited financial resources.

Based on each volunteer's interests and strengths, a variety of opportunities are available. Volunteer services include, but are not limited to, weekly visits through our Friendly Visitor Program, and Food Delivery from the Human Needs Food Pantry. NTNN is committed to uniting the community in friendship and support.

Volunteers are the backbone of our programs...

Mission: Neighbor to Neighbor Network (NTNN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded in part by Partners for Health, connects volunteers with Bloomfield and Glen Ridge residents in need of support not available through traditional programs.
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