Gibney Dance



Gibney Dance Center is committed to serving the dance field in New York City by offering affordable rehearsal space, much-needed support to artists and choreographers, and fresh, relevant programming.

Gibney Dance Company is known for intricately crafted, powerful performance that honors the power of personal identity while speaking to the common experiences of human beings.

Gibney Dance Community Action is a vital arts/social service program that unites survivors of domestic violence with professional dancers. On the part of DV shelters, there is need and demand--but no funding--for arts and wellness activities. The program addresses this urgent need by providing 500 movement workshops annually to women and families living in DV shelters.

Mission: Gibney Dance is a groundbreaking organization whose mission is to bring the power of movement and self-expression to where it would not otherwise exist. Its vision is to tap into the vast potential of movement, creativity, and performance to effect social change and personal transformation through its interrelated fields of action: Center, Company, and Community Action.
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