Essay Busters



Since 2002, Forster-Thomas Inc, a NYC-based educational consulting firm, has been dedicated to helping at-risk youth gain access to first-rate colleges and universities. In 2008, Evan Forster, founder of Forster-Thomas, was asked to speak for 45 minutes about writing compelling college admissions essays to 40 low-income, underserved high-school seniors at a Brooklyn charter sch ool. As he closed what had turned into a two-hour, interactive discussion about topic choices, "telling the truth," and "digging down deep" --now the hallmarks of Essay Busters--the students, some high achievers, but mostly mid-range-achievers, began to ask, "So, whenre you coming back?" Two months later, Forster-Thomas enlisted the support of 30 young professionals who returned to lend a hand and became part of the first mentor group. In 2012, these once "ordinary" mentors, became extraordinary and helped Forster-Thomas launch Essay Busters as a non-profit entity.

Better applications mean more students get into college--and get more money--and Essay Busters makes sure that happens. Essay Busters works! 90 percent of the students in the program are accepted into leading colleges. In addition, all of our students receive some form of financial aid.

Mission: Essay Busters gives underprivileged, high school students the essential tools to write the college essay. Economically disadvantaged, college bound students learn to communicate "Who I am" via the written word.
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