Change for Kids, Inc.



Change for Kids (CFK) believes every student deserves a quality education, and every school needs the proper resources to deliver it.

Each school year, CFK meets with our partner schools' leadership teams and identifies needed services and supports unavailable to students due to funding cuts or barriers to access. CFK works as the school's primary advocate and service organization to provide instruction, guidance, and activities in the following four core programming areas:

Fine Arts - Robust Music and Visual Arts education, offered alongside core curriculum - Breadth of cultural opportunities and experiences - Unique creative resources that engage the school communityLiteracy- Individualized support for the most academically challenged students - Unique creative writing programs- Fun, engaging curriculum models for both high-stakes testing areas and non-tested subjects- Early-childhood reading support and honors-student enrichment programsHealthy Living - Well balanced fitness programs that promote healthy behaviors - Comprehensive nutrition curriculum - Social competency skill-building programs and mental health resources

Classroom Support - Fully stocked classrooms (school supplies, books, etc) - A beautiful and inviting physical environment - A functioning library full of educationally rich and diverse resources - Technology resources for 21st century competitiveness

Mission: Change for Kids (CFK) partners with under-resourced elementary schools to create inspiring learning environments, rich with educational opportunities. By providing a broad range of essential programs, CFK enables students to discover their unique strengths and develop the confidence to achieve.
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