The Historic House Trust of New York City



The Historic House Trust works with Parks and the nonprofit boards of each house to restore, interpret, and promote the sites, which span 350 years of New York City life. From modest farmers cottages to grand mansions, the 23 sites in the Trusts collection are located in all five boroughs and chronicle a wide range of cultural, historical, and architectural aspects of New York City. One by one, the houses were saved by concerned citizens, civic organizations, or descendents of the houses owners. Gradually they were acquired by the City, brought under the care of the Trust, and preserved. When the Trust was created, many of the buildings in its collection were in disrepair and the first mission was to stabilize them. While conservation remains a central focus, the Trust has expanded its services and aims to present the sites as a unified collection and strengthen the relationship between the buildings and the urban landscapes around them.The Trusts staff includes experts in the following six areas: conservation, care of collections, education and interpretation, property management, fundraising, and marketing. Typical services provided by the Trusts staff include consultation on restoration projects, museum exhibitions and education programs; assistance with fundraising and promotion; and providing training opportunities for house staff and board members.

Mission: Historic House Trust is a not-for-profit organization operating in tandem with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. Our mission is to provide essential support for houses of architectural and cultural significance, spanning 350 years of New York City life. These treasures reside within city parks and are open to the public.
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