Academy of Medical & Public Health Services



AMPHS is the multifaceted intersection of the many different branches of U.S. healthcare and emergency preparedness systems. We are founded on the principle that healthcare should be a basic right to anyone who needs it. Therefore, we provide free and low-cost community programs and services, such as health education and training classes, pet CPR classes and community health screenings. AMPHS is operated by a committed pool of volunteers; as a result, all the generated revenue feeds into our free community programs. AMPHS strives not to compete with other organizations working to bring healthcare to various communities, but to complement their services and work alongside them.

Mission: AMPHS is a humanitarian nonprofit organization, operated solely by volunteers, dedicated to advancing the healthcare of underserved communities across the country and around the world. We accomplish our goals by providing accessible community activities that forge a firm foundation for the improvement of health and well-being.
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