Literacy Inc.



Children who become better readers are more likely to succeed in school and in our world. Literacy Inc. (LINC) helps children on their path to success by activating and organizing existing resources in the community to build strong readers.

Whether it is a reading corner at a shoe store, a family literacy night at the local library, or an animal themed reading celebration at a school, no other organization in New York City works the way LINC does to engage the entire community in reading.

It has been demonstrated that children who are strong readers become strong candidates for success. They can become leaders who have a positive impact by giving back to the communities from which they came and working to improve the lives of the next generation of readers and beyond.

LINC's work is the catalyst for a cycle of community development which begins by engaging its members in helping their children become better readers. When a child reads, a community succeeds.

Mission: LINC inspires and enlists communities to create a better future for our children through early reading success. The simple but effective approach is grounded in three beliefs:
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