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Billy the Kidden Rescue



Billy the Kidden Rescue is an evolving non profit foster-home based cat and kitten rescue in Hampton Roads.  We specialize in finding homes for unwanted animals in the community, be they abandoned, dumped, or feral.  We TNR (trap, neuter and release or relocate) feral cats and retain their kittens for socialization in our unique program and eventually, permanent adoption into loving homes.  We also take in abandoned and dumped cats and kittens and work to find them new forever homes also.  We are always looking for fosters for our kittens, people interested in learning how to trap cats and be on our trapping team, transporters to help get cats to vet appointments and clinics, and volunteers to work at adoption events.  We are working to reduce feral cat polulations in urban areas by sterilizing and vaccinating them and, whenever possible, relocating them to more rural areas or places where they can become gainfully emplyed as mousers in exchage for food and shelter.
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