P.S. 770 New American Academy



The purpose of the organization is to expand and develop the New American Academy educational model in elementary and secondary public schools on a national and international scale. The New American Academy Charter School empowers learners and inspires leaders to make this a better world. Through our collaborative teacher-teams, mastery-based career ladder, and looping cycles, we offer personalized rigorous instruction that enables our students to succeed in high school, college, and their future lives. We create a supportive relationship-based learning environment that accelerates our students learning far beyond what is expected. By focusing on the quality of instruction and by refining the "input" that our students are receiving, we increase the "output" of student academic achievement. Moreover, it is our objective to maximize the relationship-based, collaborative nature of the TNAA model to ensure our students are developing critical thinking and good citizenship in addition to English Language Arts (ELA), science, and math skills.

Mission: The New American Academy (TNAA) is an organization dedicated to transforming our current Prussian-industrial schooling design. This design was devised to prepare millions of workers for Americas factories, not to develop creative thinkers and learners. The New American Academy model transforms the fundamental structures of schooling to promote a culture of learning and innovation for both students and teachers. It is a bold solution that will generate change system wide.
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