Leave Out Violence-U.S. (LOVE-U.S.)



Leave Out Violence-U.S. (LOVE-U.S.) directly serves over 250 children and teens a year within its site and school-based programs, helping youth make non-violent choices and empowering them to discuss alternatives to violence with their peers. LOVE-U.S. Youth are spreading the word about the costs of youth violence and influencing the way their generation views their potential to make a positive difference in society.

Mission: Leave Out Violence (LOVE) was created to reduce violence in the lives of youth and our communities by building a team of youth spokespeople who communicate a message of non-violence. Erica Reade is the Program Director who can be reached at 929.256.1900 ext. 102 and Caryn Moore as the Program Coordinator who can be reached at 929.256.1900 ext. 103
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