Working In Support of Education



WISE programs and initiatives include: The Quality of Life Program and Scholarship Competition The Quality of Life program is a project-based learning exercise designed to provide real-world opportunities for students and empower them to make a difference. Under the program students develop research-based proposals to address particular social issues in their communities, plans to improve the "Quality of Life" in their city. The program culminates in a scholarship competition for students. One of the early winning projects - the SAT Preparatory Course - was funded and has been successfully implemented since 1999. The Sanford I. Weill Institute for Lifelong Learning The Institute, housed at the High School of Economics & Finance, is a model school-corporate community partnership. The Weill Institute provides a college-like seminar series offered once per week for students; administers an extensive workplace skills development program; designs learning resources and incentive programs for students; and raises funds for student scholarships. SAT Preparatory Courses for Financially Underprivileged Students Since 1999, WISE personnel have offered SAT preparatory courses to financially underprivileged students from Manhattan high schools, through a program generously supported by the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation. The High School of Economics & Finance The High School of Economics and Finance, a New York City public school founded in 1993 by WISE president, Phyllis Frankfort, provides 750 students with an exciting and unique finance focused educational experience. The New York Financial Literacy Coalition New York Financial Literacy Coalition, formed in 2000, brings together corporate leaders from finance and banking, non-profit organizations, teachers, school administrators, and parents with one common goal: promoting financial literacy among young adults. The Coalition works to promote awareness, finance-related programs, conferences, curricula, and teacher training.

Mission: Working In Support of Education (WISE) is a New York City-based not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to providing services and programs that prepare students for college and the work place with programs that focus on real world learning opportunities, applied learning and financial literacy Founded in 1999 by Phyllis Frankfort, a well-known educator and education policy advisor, WISE helps schools and teachers design, implement and fund programs which engage students, providing real-world opportunities that enhance students' academic experience, and help prepare them for college and the workplace. Wise prepares students for challenges outside the classroom; leadership and civic engagement, financial literacy and responsibility, and college and the work place.
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