This Ministry was originally established to spread the gospel from door to door, House to house and street to street, to share the good nows of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to save the souls. Church Of El Dios Vivo, Has the blessed opportunity to travel around the country and the world to spred the message of God, to as many people as possible and whenever there. We invite friends and groups, and individuals to take their generous steps in seeding anything in this Fellowship Ministry of Keeping promise of sending out the Gospel.

Christian Church Of El Dios Vivo was established in 2009, as the big efforts of Pastor Isidro Bolanos.

Since schooling age, Pastor Isidro Bolanos was seen sharing from the Word of God, with the friends and the relatives and the visitors at his mothers house.

Coming out of age, as soon as pastor Isidro Bolanos accomplished his college studies, Pastor listened to the Call of Lord Jesus Christ to share and spread His message into the world. Lead with his purposeful life aims, Pastor Bolanos started to door, street to street and house to house, Bible sharing and saved many souls, in the Brooklyn area, and all around in New York City, USA.

Mission: Christian Church of El Dios Vivo, Inc. Is a Christian Missionary Church & Ministry in New York, NY, USA.
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