Wheeling Forward



At Wheeling Forward, we aim to provide assistance to the disabled community as a whole, which includes disabled individuals themselves, as well as institutions that provides services to the disabled.

For individuals, we provide assistance with the following:

Peer MentorshipEducational Attainment AssistanceHousing ProcurementTransportation ConsultationMedical Equipment AssistanceHomecare PlanningFundraising Support and Planning

Mission: Our mission is to provide guidance and resources to disabled individuals for the purpose of achieving goals today rather than tomorrow, with a focus on educational attainment, employment procurement, health and wellness, community integration, housing acquisition, and personal fulfillment. We believe in taking an individual-oriented and all-encompassing approach in helping disabled individuals achieve their goals. We believe no goal is too big or too small, and we are here to help get those goals accomplished by whichever means necessary. Whether by providing a grant to make a home accessible, mentorship through the process of returning to school, or assistance with securing adequate affordable housing, we will do our very best to make each individuals life a meaningful one.
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